Get Ready for IELTS is a specially designed course that takes students from pre-intermediate up to intermediate level so that they are ready for their IELTS preparation course.

Written by a team of experienced IELTS tutors, this flexible course uses the flipped learning approach to maximise the effectiveness of time in the classroom.

This comprehensive course includes a wealth of resources and support for students and teachers:

Student's Book

This component contains:

  • 12 units of carefully graded material to help students improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • motivating topics and tasks which help develop critical thinking skills
  • key grammar and vocabulary in every unit that builds language skills and improves accuracy
  • Exam Tips to fully prepare students for what to expect in each part of the exam and provide strategies for success
  • IELTS-style practice questions that enable students to approach the exam with confidence
  • a Grammar Guide that provides clear explanations and examples of key language in use
  • an Audio CD for Speaking and Listening practice


This component contains:

  • all the pre-class preparation work for students (This is an alternative to Collins Connect)
  • a punctuation guide to help students improve their writing skills
  • exercises to help students avoid common errors

Teacher's Guide

The Teacher’s Guide provides:

  • Clear and easy-to-follow lesson plans, explanations and instructions for getting the most out of classroom time
  • Activities to spot-check that students have understood and retained the vocabulary and grammar preparation they have done before class
  • Notes on typical mistakes students make and how to correct them
  • Answers to Student’s Book exercises contained within the lesson plans, for ease of use
  • Model answers for Writing and Speaking

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