101 Helpful Hints for IELTS: General Training

Tác giả: Garry Adams &Terry Peck
Số trang: 176
Khổ sách: 20×29cm

Giá: 56.000VNĐ

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  • 2 practice listening skills tests
  • 4 graded practice reading tests
  • 4 practice academic writing tests
  • 2 sets of practice speaking test questions
  • Extensive help sections for all 4 sub-tests
  • Advice for general training module candidates
  • Speaking test practice board game
  • Listening skills test tapescripts
  • Full answer keys and writing test model answers
  • A score interpreter
  • Listening & reading test questions with notes
  • A glossary of terms
  • Useful information about studying overseas
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Mô tả

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS – General Training Module is for students preparing for the less demanding General Training version of IELTS.

The practice tests are written in the current IELTS exam format, and increase in difficulty as students progress through the book. The book offers much more than the four practice tests included.

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS – General Training Module includes an extensive Help Section, covering the four Sub-tests of the IELTS exam.

The unique format of the book enables students to complete the first practice test and review their performance before attempting the next test. This is achieved by linking each hint to the appropriate pages of the practice test, so that students can easily identify problem areas and understand why they may have made errors.

The 101 helpful hints provide information to familiarise students with the IELTS exam format and the types of questions involved. They also offer practical guidance with clear reference to the practice tests to help students learn from their errors, as well as advice about further practice that can be of use.

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS – General Training Module is a comprehensive study guide to the IELTS exam. The book can be used by the student for self-study or integrated into a course programme.

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