15 Days’ Practice for IELTS Writing

Tác giả: Wang Hong Xia
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  • Consolidating Your English Ability
  • Improving Your English Writing Skill
  • Providing General Knowledge
  • Developing Your Test-Taking Skill
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Mô tả

In this critical period, you have supposedly accumulated adequate knowledge of vocabulary items and grammar points. Also, your skills of English have considerably improved after a long time of practice. In addition, you have grasped the key features of the IELTS test, your job now is to train your test-doing strategies and enhance your communicative competence. You should know how to allocate the time allowed, how to use appropriate strategies and exploit your strengths to the utmost when taking the test to achieve your desired band score.

A series of 15 DAYS’ PRACTICE FOR IELTS guidebooks designed by IELTS gurus who have written and taught IELTS courses since this kind of test came into being in 1989 are regarded as indispensable materials on your path to success.

In this series, the speaking and writing materials are edited by Sheila Crowe, an Irish expert to whom we would liuke to show our appreciation and thanks. Besides, an English examiner named Donald Crawford deserves our gratitude for some of his sample writings with which he has provided us. Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to specialists and colleagues whose great contributions certainly bring about the birth of these rewarding books.

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