Bootcamp for the TOEIC

Tác giả: Valerie Hsu
Số trang: 184
Khổ sách: 21 x 28cm

Giá: 248.000VNĐ
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Mô tả

What is special about this book?

The content of this book is designed around six topic areas which most frequently appear in the TOEIC test: office, cultural events, personnel, general business, general travel, and dining out. In every chapter, you will find contextualized essential vocabulary coupled with class activities to build up and consolidate the listening and reading skills. The sequence of “Warm-up”, “Vocabulary”, “Listening”, “Speaking”, “Grammar”, “Reading” and “Writing” is maintained throughout the six chapters of the book.

Semi-actual TOEIC tests:

After every 3 chapters there will be a semi-actual TOEIC test which includes six parts: Question and Response, Conversations, Short Talks, Sentence Completion, Text Completion, and Reading. As Part 1: Photographs is reduced to only 6 questions in the new TOEIC test format, this part is overlooked in Bootcamp for the TOEIC.

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