Collins English for Life B1+ Reading

Tác giả: Anna Osborn

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Mô tả

To read fluently in all situations you need to practise reading different kinds of texts.

Collins Reading B1+ presents 20 different texts with exercises to help you develop the skills to read anything you come across.

Reading features authentic texts and a wide variety of styles to help you develop your reading skills, such as reading for general understanding and reading for detail.

Featured texts include:

  • signs and labels
  • advertisements
  • newspapers
  • brochures
  • recipes
  • classic and modern novels
  • social networking sites
  • blogs

Collins Reading B1+ is part of the new English for Life series and uses authentic material from the Collins Corpus, the world’s largest database of the English language. It is suitable for self-study and classroom use, and can help towards Cambridge FCE preparation. Suitable for Intermediate learners of English (CEF level B1+).