Collins English for Life B1+ Speaking

Tác giả: Cheryl Pelteret

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Mô tả

You need the key phrases and the conversational tools native speakers use to get their message across.

Collins Speaking B1+  will help you become a confident and fluent speaker of English by choosing the right words, pronunciation and tone. Learn how to start up conversations, keep conversations going and deal with difficult situations.

Includes practice on:

  • starting conversations
  • interrupting
  • making suggestions
  • giving and receiving compliments
  • asking for and giving opinions
  • saying no politely

Collins Speaking B1+ is part of the new English for Life series and uses authentic material from the Collins Corpus, the world’s largest database of the English language. It is suitable for self-study and classroom use, and can help towards Cambridge FCE preparation. Suitable for Intermediate learners of English (CEF level B1+).