Collins English for Life B1+ Writing

Tác giả: Kirsten Campbell-Howes & Clare Dignall

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To write confidently in English you need to practise different styles of written English.

Collins Writing B1+ helps you recognize different styles and choose the right language to get your message across. The twenty units focus on a wide variety of texts so that you can feel just as comfortable writing a postcard or using social media online.

Learn to write as fluently as you speak, use the right tone, and use persuasive language to get the response you need.

Featured writing styles include:

  • online reviews
  • tweets
  • instant messaging
  • thank you letters
  • emails
  • job applications

Collins Writing B1+ is part of the new English for Life series and uses authentic material from the Collins Corpus, the world’s largest database of the English language. It is suitable for self-study and classroom use, and can help towards Cambridge FCE preparation. Suitable for Intermediate learners of English (CEF level B1+).