English for Hotels and Restaurants

Tác giả: Robert Majure, Jess Martin
Proofreader: Dennis Le Boeuf
Số trang: 140
Khổ sách: 21,5×28,5cm

Giá: 208.000VNĐ
(bao gồm sách và đĩa MP3)

Mô tả

English for Hotels and Restaurants is designed for the purpose of training college students that are taking catering and hospitality courses or for those who are in this service industry and want to continue with their training.

The subjects are divided into Restaurants (Part I) and Hotels (Part II) and arranged by the service procedures, which allow you to learn step by step and strengthen your practical skills.

Contents and Features 

  • Conversations
  • Pair Work
  • Practical Illustrations
  • Expressions and Words
  • Exercises
  • With Audio CD


Unit 01 Western Breakfast.
Unit 02 Breakfast Buffet.
Unit 03 A Breakfast Dialog
Unit 04 Chinese Breakfast
Unit 05 Taking Restaurant Bookings
Unit 06 Seating Guests
Unit 07 Cocktails
Unit 08 Beer
Unit 09 Whiskey
Unit 10 Wines
Unit 11 Aperitifs
Unit 12 Champagne
Unit 13 Liqueur, Brandy, Port, Madeira, and Sherry
Unit 14 Ordering Salads, Hors d’oeuvre and Soups
Unit 15 Ordering Main Course
Unit 16 French menu
Unit 17 Deserts and Cheese
Unit 18 Ordering Chinese Dishes
Unit 19 Dealing With Complaints and Requests
Unit 20 Paying Bills
Unit 21 Taking Room Reservations
Unit 22 Checking In
Unit 23 The Bellboy Shows the Guest His Room
Unit 24 Room Service
Unit 25 Checking Out

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