English for Tourism and Restaurants – Book 2

Tác giả: Frank Levin & Peg Tinsley
Proofreader: Judy Majewski
Số trang: 212
Khổ sách: 21×29,7cm

Giá: 298.000VNĐ
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Mô tả

English for Tourism and Restaurants is specially written for those who want to enter the tourism industry or the restaurant industry. As an employee, you should speak and behave in a very polite way. By studying this book, you will improve your English for these professional fields.

This book will help you:

  • Get familiar with the tourism and restaurant industries through over 100 dialogs about various kinds of situations.
  • Learn the essential grammar through simple sentences and clear charts.
  • Enrich your vocabulary by studying the “Words and Phrases,” “Word Power,” and “Phrase Focus” sections.
  • Strengthen your listening comprehension by doing lots of listening training.
  • Improve your speaking skills by frequently doing the Pair Work.
  • Deepen your understanding of English for the service industry by doing the large number of exercises.
  • Understand certain English items by referring to a great number of colorful pictures.


Lesson 1 Taking Orders
Lesson 2 Explaining the Menu
Lesson 3 Serving Meals
Lesson 4 Beverage Service (1)
Lesson 5 Beverage Service (2): At the Bar
Lesson 6 Beverage Service (3): Recommending Wines
Lesson 7 Beverage Service (4): Serving Wines
Lesson 8 During the Meal
Review Test 1

Lesson 9 Settling the Bill (1)
Lesson 10 Settling the Bill (2)
Lesson 11 Checking Out
Lesson 12 Foreign Exchange
Lesson 13 Making Travel Arrangements
Lesson 14 Arranging Local Tours for Hotel Guests
Lesson 15 Transportation (1): Taxis and Buses
Lesson 16 Transportation (2): Trains, Subways, and Rental Cars
Review Test 2

Lesson 17 Shopping (1): Basic Expressions
Lesson 18 Shopping (2): Clothes, Cosmetics, and Jewelry
Lesson 19 Aviation (1): Booking Flights
Lesson 20 Aviation (2): At the Airport
Lesson 21 Aviation (3): Upon Arrival
Lesson 22 Aviation (4): During the Flight
Lesson 23 Making Announcements at the Airport and on the Plane
Lesson 24 Making an Emergency Announcement
Review Test 3

Lesson 25 Arranging Banquets and Conferences
Lesson 26 Writing a Semi-Formal Letter
Lesson 27 Dealing With Complaints in a Restaurant (1): Food
Lesson 28 Dealing With Complaints in a Restaurant (2): Service
Lesson 29 Dealing With Complaints in a Restaurant (3): Other Problems
Lesson 30 Dealing With Complaints in a Hotel (1): Accidents in Public Areas and Rooms
Lesson 31 Dealing With Complaints In a Hotel (2): Laundry Service and Guest Rooms
Lesson 32 Dealing With Complaints in a Hotel and at the Airport
Review Test 4


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