English Now! 1 – Listening and Speaking in Everyday Life

Tác giả: Owain Mckimm
Số trang: 164
Khổ sách: 21,5×28,5cm

Giá: 248.000VNĐ
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English Now! is a comprehensive program that helps English learners effectively enhance their listening comprehension and speaking skills.


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Mô tả

English Now! 1 features a variety of real-life-oriented themes. The basic level covers practical topics that students are likely to encounter in their daily lives, helping beginners gain confidence and communicate successfully in everyday situations.

Each unit consists of:

*Topic Preview
Each unit begins with short conversations that give the topic an overall introduction.

*Vocabulary & Phrases
We provide the students with an abundant list of useful keywords and sentence structures that are most relevant to the topic.

*Now, Time to Listen!
These dialogues and short talks accurately reflect typical, day-to-day encounters. The audio tracks, recorded by native speakers, familiarize students with authentic spoken English, while abundant illustrations make the learning process even more appealing!

*Now, Grammar Time!
Clear charts and creative exercises help students apply grammar with ease and use it in communicative contexts.

*Now, Time to Speak!
Task-based classroom activities motivate students to participate and communicate using English in various realistic scenarios. Simple models and easy-to-follow sample scripts make speaking stress-free and fun.

*Now, Time to Pronounce!
This basic level introduces the difference between voiced and voiceless consonants. Also, students are given some initial ideas of intonation.

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