English Now! 2 – Listening and Speaking in Everyday Life

Tác giả: Owain Mckimm
Số trang: 164
Khổ sách: 21,5×28,5cm

Giá: 248.000VNĐ
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English Now! is a comprehensive program that helps English learners effectively enhance their listening comprehension and speaking skills.


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Mô tả

English Now! 2 features more diverse topics, which assist students in dealing with even more complex situations. Compared to the Basic level, the Pre-Intermediate level includes higher-level vocabulary and more complicated sentence structures. In addition, this book introduces more advanced grammar, helping students form correct English sentences that describe a wider range of experiences.

Each unit consists of:

*Topic Preview: Each unit begins with short conversations that give the topic an overall introduction.

*Vocabulary & Phrases: We provide the students with an abundant list of useful keywords and sentence structures that are most relevant to the topic.

*Now, Time to Listen!: These dialogues and short talks accurately reflect typical, day-to-day encounters. The audio tracks, recorded by native speakers, familiarize students with authentic spoken English, while abundant illustrations make the learning process even more appealing!

*Now, Grammar Time!: Clear charts and creative exercises help students apply grammar with ease and use it in communicative contexts.

*Now, Time to Speak!: Task-based classroom activities motivate students to participate and communicate using English in various realistic scenarios. Simple models and easy-to-follow sample scripts make speaking stress-free and fun.

*Now, Time to Pronounce!: This pre-intermediate level introduces several sounds in detail per unit, with exercises that help you both produce and recognize the sounds.


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