Graded Grammar Exercises 4

Tác giả: Andy Cribb, Lynn Sauvé
Số trang: 140
Khổ sách: 19 × 26cm

Giá: 148.000VNĐ

Mô tả

Graded Grammar Exercises series provides students with enough practice to consolidate the language structures learned. Each graded exercise begins with examples to refresh the students’ memory. The exercises that follow are divided into three stages. Exercise 1 consists of mostly filling in or underlining single words. Harder sentences are given in Exercise 2. Exercise 3 is in the form of a story, and care has been taken to ensure the language used has already been learned.

All the exercises have been designed based on the self-help method so that students will make as few mistakes as possible. In this way, they can learn correctly even when working on their own.

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