Hackers TOEIC Start Reading

Tác giả: David Cho
Số trang: 388
Khổ sách: 18,5×26cm

Giá: 270.000VNĐ

Danh mục: , Mã: 9786048557539 Từ khóa:

Mô tả

Hackers TOEIC Start Reading aims at helping TOEIC beginners establish a “foundation of English through TOEIC”. It is generally known that a magnificent house rests on a strong foundation, and a good command of English also needs a solid foundation. In order to improve and achieve a high TOEIC score, learners should build up their English proficiency from the very beginning. In actual fact, high TOEIC scores can only be ensured by a good language ability, constant efforts, correct methods of learning, and practical English materials.

Hackers TOEIC Start Reading is an introductory book which provides necessary essentials and strategies for those who start their first steps in learning TOEIC. Each section in the book provides brief and clear explanations which are suitable for elementary learners. We have specially designed the book in a way that learners can arrange their daily study in order to steadily acquire the fundamentals of Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension – the key areas that are tested in the TOEIC Reading section. Learners can either start studying all the sections in order or refer to a particular part they want to focus on.

Start familiarizing yourself with the TOEIC test using Hackers TOEIC Start Reading from today.