IELTS Resource Pack

Tác giả: Jon Marks
Số trang: 144
Khổ sách: 21×29,7cm

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Mô tả

A bank of activities and exam practice material for all teachers of IELTS preparation classes..

Preparing students for the IELTS exam can become a grueling cycle of exam practice and intensive language analysis. Communication games and activities may be available, but with the exam approaching, it can seem inappropriate to spend time on anything not directly relevant to the exam.

The games and activities in this book help with this dilemma. They are fun, motivating, and in many cases kinaesthetic (i.e. students use their bodies as well as their minds), yet all relate directly to the exam.

Key points:

  • 25 highly motivating pair-work, small-group and whole-class communicative activities specifically devised for students preparing for IELTS.
  • Activates the language and skills students need for success in the Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Speaking and Listening sections of the exam.
  • Can be used alongside any IELTS coursebook.
  • Also contains two complete practice exams and a free audio CD with exam listening material.

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