Intensive IELTS Writing

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IELTS Overview

Chapter 1: IELTS Writing Overview & Marking Criteria

I. Overview

II. Marking Criteria

Chapter 2: Preparation & Writing Process

I. Preparation

II. Writing Process

Chapter 3: IELTS Writing Style & Some Common Writing Mistakes

I. IELTS Writing Style

II. Some Common Writing Mistakes

Chapter 4: Connective Devices & Examples Sentences

I. Common Connective Devices

II. Categorised Connective Devices & Typical Examples

Chapter 5: IELTS Academic Writing

Report Writing

I. Writing Process

II. Commonly Used Expressions

III. Typical Task 1 Questions

1. Graphic data

1.1 Line graphs

1.2 Tables

1.3 Pie charts

1.4 Bar/ Column graphs

2. Pictorial information

Flow charts

Essay Writing

I. Writing Process

II. Types of Essay

1. Opinion essay

2. Balanced-argument essay

3. Enumerative essay

4. Discussion essay

5. Advantage-Disadvantage essay

III. Well-written Sample Essays

Appendix 1 Sample Candidate Writing Scripts and Examiner


Appendix 2 Writing Answer Sheet

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