Listen Up – Upper Intermediate

Tác giả: Louise Lemieux
Số trang: 164
Khổ sách: 19,5×27cm

Giá: 208.000VNĐ
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Mô tả

An intermediate listening comprehension series

Utilizing close to 300 minutes of listening practice, Listen Up offers a unique educational opportunity. Traditionally, listening programs require only that students mimic what they have heard. While this is important, it does not necessarily promote comprehension or foster the ability to think and respond creatively in English. Starting with simple words and phrases, progressing to sentences and paragraphs, and finally to short passages or reports, Listen Up offers step-by-step training to help students comprehend and respond creatively to what they have just heard.

State-of-the-art pronunciation practice helps students become familiar with the most commonly confusing sounds in the English language. Additionally, audio-relevant images help to create a contextual environment similar to what students will encounter in real life. Creative dialogues act out the everyday situations that the images depict. An MP3 CD is bundled with the textbooks, allowing students to continue listening practice on their own outside the language lab. Simple and intuitive, the audio program allows response time for each exercise so that students only need to push “Play” once. From there the MP3 CD will guide them through the program. This makes Listen Up not only a unique and powerful classroom tool but also an ideal choice for self-study.

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