Luyện kỹ năng nói tiếng Anh cho người bắt đầu học: Tập 1

Chủ biên: Paul Jolley
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Khổ sách: 15×23cm

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Mô tả



Unit 1


Good morning, Miss/

Mr. …

Good morning, class.

Nice to meet you, Alice.

Nice to meet you, too, Bill.

A: Hi, Jim! How are you?

B: Fine, thanks, Li Lei. And you?

A: I’m fine, too. Thank you.

Unit 2


Can you spell it, please?

Yes, G-R-double E-N, Green.

Where is A?

It’s here.

A: Excuse me. Are you Li Ming?

B: No, I’m not. I’m Li Lei.

A: I’m sorry.

B: That’s all right.

Unit 3


What’s your number?

I’m Number 2.

What class are you in?

I’m in Class 4.

A: What’s two plus three?

B: Er, it’s four.

Unit 4


What’s this/that in English?

It’s a …

What’s this in English?

It’s a car.

A: What’s that, Tom?

B: Er, it’s a jeep.

A: No, it isn’t.

Unit 5


How old is he/she?

He/She is …

Is your friend a Japanese girl or an English girl?

An English girl.

A: Look at that bird. Is it a parrot?

B: Yes, it is.

A: What’s its name?

B: It’s Polly.

Unit 6


What are these?

They are …

These are my friends,

Alice and her brother Bill,

Ann and her sister Helen.

A: What are these?

B: These are English books.

Unit 7


Their names are …

and …

Who isn’t at school today?

Li Ming and Wei Fang.

A: Han Mei, please look after the twins today.

B: Yes, Miss Gao.

Tw: Can we put our shoes here?

B: Oh yes, put them here.

Unit 8


Ask … over there.

Where is my car?

Ask that girl over there.

A: Excuse me! Is this your cake?

B: No, it isn’t my cake. Ask that girl over there. I think
it’s her cake.

A: Excuse me! Is that your cake?

C: Yes, it is.

Unit 9


Come and meet … family.

My parents are in England.

Jim’s brother is in China.

A: Please come and meet my family, Lin Tao.

B: That’s very good.

A: This is my father, Jeff Green. And this is Lin Tao. Lin
Tao and I are good friends.

Unit 10


What can you see …?

I can see … / I can’t

see …

Where is Wei Hua’s coat?

Is it behind her chair?

Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

A: Where’s Shenzhen? Do you know?

B: Er, is it near Hainan?

A: No, it isn’t. It’s near Hong Kong.

Unit 11


There is a table in your room.

I can’t find my book.

Let me help you find it.

A: Hello! May I speak to Miss Gao?

B: Miss Gao? There is no Miss Gao here. Who is this,

Unit 12


There isn’t any …

Is there an English book in your bag?

Yes, there is./No, there isn’t.

A: Look, Jim! There are many apples in the basket over

B: Yes. How many apples are there?

A: Let me count. One, two, three, four, five … eleven.

Unit 13


What color is it?

It’s red/black/white …

What color are they?

They’re black.

One is red and one is green.

A: I like those colors, too. Let’s see. What colors are

B: They’re red, green, white, pink, blue, yellow, orange
and brown.

Unit 14


Whose … is this?

It is my/his/her … ./

It’s mine/his/hers./Mine/ His/Hers.

Are these pencils yours? No, they’re not ours. They are

A: Is the blue book Lucy’s?

B: Let me have a look. No, the blue is not Lucy’s. The
yellow one is hers.

A: OK. Here you are. Please take them to the classroom.

Unit 15


What’s the time, please?

It’s …

It’s ten past eleven. You should go to bed now.

A: Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is now?

B: Sorry, I don’t know. I don’t have my watch with me. You
can ask the man over there.

Unit 16


How many … can you see in the picture/near the
window/behind the table?

Who can you see on the playground?

I can see Kate and her brother Jim.

A: Excuse me, Lucy! Can you say something about your twin
sister Lily?

B: Yes, of course.

Unit 17


Let me help you.

These desks are small. We can’t do our homework with only
one of them.

A: You must put it in your bedroom and look it after.

C: You’re right. But it’s too heavy.

A: Let me help you.

Unit 18


You are all here.

My homework is finished. I can play games with my friends.

A: My ball is in the tree. I can’t get it.

B: Don’t worry. I can help you.

A: Can you get it down?

Unit 19


Would you like something to eat?

We drink a bottle of milk.

We drink a glass of water.

A: Do you like apples?

B: Yes. Can you give me one?

A: Certainly. Here you are.

Unit 20


Don’t throw it like that.

Catch the black cat.

A: Hi, Li Hua! That’s a nice kite!

B: Do you want a go?

Unit 21


How many houses are there?

There are fifty students in our class.

A: What can you see in the trees?

B: I can see six birds in the trees.

A: Can you see a house behind the trees?

Unit 22


She is singing.

I’m doing my homework.

A: What are the women doing in the picture?

B: They are working near the house.

Unit 23


Would you like some …?

Would you like some bottles of orange?

A: Could you come here, please? I want some help.

B: OK, Mum. I’m coming now.

Unit 24


Can I borrow your pen, please?

Please give my pen back soon.

A: I want to go to the shop. I want a ruler.

B: I think the shop is closed at this time of day.

Unit 25


What do you like about China?

Where is he from?

A: Are you from the U.S.A.?

B: No, I come from Australia.

Unit 26


Do you like cooking?

She likes reading books, but she doesn’t like going

A: Does he like playing football?

B: Yes, he does. He likes playing football very much.

Unit 27


What do you do?

I am a teacher.

A: What do you teach?

B: I teach English.

A: Do you speak Chinese?

Unit 28


What time does she …?

What time do they begin classes?

A: What time do you get up on weekdays? At seven?

B: No, that’s too late. I get up at six o’clock.

Unit 29


I want some rice/…, please.

Could I have half a kilo?

A: Good morning. Can I help you?

B: Yes, please. I want to buy some oranges.

Unit 30


Whose watch/… is on the table?

Sorry, you can’t have any apples. There aren’t any.

A: They want to go shopping.

B: Do they want to go shopping? Mr. Liu is carrying a
shopping bag.

Unit 31


Welcome to …

Why don’t you go shopping with me this afternoon, Li Ming?
That’s a good idea!

B: I am thinking about what to do tomorrow. Do you have
any good ideas?

A: Why don’t we go to play football? We will have fun.

Unit 32


Are you going to … tomorrow?

Is Mr. Wang going to get his students to the park /

A: I want to be the first one to the top. I want to go

B: But I want to have a rest under the tree.

Unit 33


On Mid-autumn Day,

we usually …

How do you call it?

We call it “strawberry” in English.

A: Today’s my birthday. Would you like to come to my party

B: Great! I would love to. Happy birthday to you.

Unit 34


In the country, he can hear birds singing and sheep

You are going to clean your horse today. Can I come and
help you?

A: Do you use any animals to work on the farm?

B: No, we don’t use animals to work any more. We use

Unit 35


Which animals do you like the best? Why?

There are some cows. Some are far away, some are near.

A: Look, there are many monkeys in the cage.

B: Yes. They are usually walking around and around.

Unit 36


It’s about … meters along on the left/right.

Excuse me, where is the nearest station?

A: How can I get there?

B: I think you need a No. 5 bus. It is about 2 kilometers
away from here.

A: Thank you very much.

Unit 37


Weekends are my/his/ her/their busiest time because …

Leon is a very popular star in China.

A: Cheney, are you on the football team?

B: Yes, I am. I usually go to play football after class.

Unit 38


You’d better finish your homework soon, and bring it next

Lily is ill. I think she must look after herself and keep

A: Oh, you are very busy. You always travel from one place
to another.

B: I like traveling. I can see the world. It is exciting.

Unit 39


How long did … live in China / England?

Mr. Wang, why did you leave your hometown and move there?

A: Pack everything for the trip, Lily. You always forget

B: Yes, Dad.

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