Luyện kỹ năng nói tiếng Anh cho người bắt đầu học: Tập 2

Chủ biên: Paul Jolley
Bản dịch tiếng Việt: Lê Huy Lâm, Phạm Văn Thuận
Số trang: 248
Khổ sách: 15×23cm

Giá: 110.000VNĐ
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Mô tả



Unit 40


There was a famous band called …

Why do you call your team Dream?

A: How was the concert?

B: It was wonderful. But one of the singers was very

He fell down and broke his leg.

Unit 41


There are four seasons in the year here – spring, summer,

autumn and winter.

I hear it is warm all year round in Kunming.

A: It is autumn now.

B: I like autumn. Farmers are going to have a harvest in

Unit 42


There will be a strong wind to the north of Pearl River.

Here is the weather report for some places across
Guangdong province.

A: Do you have a lot of fruit in Xinjiang?

B: Yes, I do.

A: I hear the fruit there is very sweet, right?

Unit 43


I hope you can come to my party the next day.

“I like your present very much,” said Lily with a big
smile on her face.

A: Lily, we have a big cake for your birthday.

B: That’s a very nice cake! I love it very much.

Unit 44


These pictures show what Bob did yesterday.

I think I need to buy some new pens for the coming new

A: Please help yourself.

B: I will. The food is very delicious.

A: I am glad you love it. Have more meat.

Unit 45


Oh, by the way, there was a … for you.

Can you ask him to call me this afternoon? My telephone
number is 8-9-6-6-5-7-5.

A: I am afraid she is out at the moment. She is playing
basketball with her friends in the school.

B: I will ask Jim to call her again later.

Unit 46


You came at a … time

of year.

It is very hot today. It is best to have some ice-cream in
the afternoon.

A: Mary, are you from the U.S.A.?

B: Yes. I come from New York.

Unit 47


But unlike much of China and the U.S.A. …

It is sunny now. But I am afraid it is going to rain later

A: Lily, put on your coat and bring your raincoat with

B: But it is very sunny today. It is dry and hot.

Unit 48


But I am afraid I may

be a little late …

Li Lei, would you like to go to the cinema with me this

A: Mary, this is Ann.

B: Hey, Ann, remember to come this evening.

A: I am sorry, but I am afraid I can’t come to your party.

Unit 49


The radio says …

Lily, when does the summer start in the U.S.A.? Does it
last long?

A: That’s great! It is too cold these days and I only
stayed at home all day.

B: Let’s go for a picnic tomorrow, OK?

Unit 50


Would you like a cup of tea? With … and …?

Egg and fish are my favorite food. I love them very much.

A: Chicken, vegetables, tomatoes and eggs. Do you like the

B: Yes. I like all of them very much. They are my favorite

Unit 51


I like … better.

I like swimming better in the summer. But I like playing
basketball better in the winter.

A: Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Did you telephone Miss Li

B: Yes, I did. And she knew that.

Unit 52


She’s not sure. She

may …

What is the matter, sir? What can I do for you?

A: What can I do for you, Granny?

B: Yes. I can’t find the post station near here.

Unit 53


When the lights are red, the traffic must …

It is too late to reach the bus station on time. We must
take a taxi.

A: You mustn’t walk across the road when the traffic
lights are red.

Unit 54


She has to help …

Mary is busy this afternoon. She has to help her father on
the farm.

A: Do you know what is the matter?

B: I don’t know. Maybe he has to help his father.

Unit 55


The small one is near, and we’ve never been there before.

Can’t you see something on the tree? It is very

A: Lily, we will go for a picnic this weekend, right?

B: Yes, you are right. We will have a picnic in the park.

Unit 56


He will be OK if I do one small operation.

He will be OK if I do one small operation.

A: Does he need an operation?

B: I am afraid so. But I am sure he will be OK if I do the

Unit 57


Then I made faces and jumped like a monkey.

This summer holiday, my parents are going to take me to
Guangzhou. We will visit my aunt there.

A: Really? What did you do?

B: The baby was crying all the time.

A: How did you make him stop crying?

Unit 58


They can’t find their

way to …

The King made the farmers work very hard for him. But he
didn’t do anything himself.

A: I am afraid I didn’t watch it. Can you tell me

B: Yes. In the end, the Snow White lived with the Prince
very happily.

Unit 59


Best wishes for …

We hope you do well in your final examinations.

A: I am fine, too. And I had a wonderful summer holiday.
What about you and Lily?

B: We went to Guilin and we did have a good time.

Unit 60


Who was first/second/third …?

Come on, come on, Jim. You are the hero. You are the

A: Just imagine you are participating in the 100-meter
race with me. You did very well last time.

Unit 61


I think science is as important as math.

As usual, I finished my homework at school and then went
home for supper.

A: I don’t agree with you. At least in China, Chinese is
more popular than English.

Unit 62


What were you doing at ten o’clock yesterday morning?

I was cooking a meal / playing football/working / in

A: What are you doing, Lily?

B: I am drawing a panda on the wall with some chalk.

Unit 63


I/He/She/It was not traveling too fast.

The policemen knew about the accident half an hour later
when Li Lei telephoned them.

A: Did you see the car accident at noon yesterday?

B: Yes. I was traveling past the corner near the school
when the accident happened.

Unit 64


Have you got any books about …, please?

I have just seen it somewhere, maybe in that corner.

A: Have you ever studied Russian?

B: Yes, I have. And I found it very difficult. I gave it
up two years ago.

Unit 65


What’s another way to say bike?

What is the most popular piece of music at this moment?

A: Excuse me. I have lost my schoolbag. Have you seen it

B: Is it a black bag with a white cartoon cat?

Unit 66


Have you ever been to a chicken farm?

I have never dreamed of being a successful businesswoman.
I just want to live a peaceful and happy life.

A: I am sorry I nearly forgot. Maybe in 1962.

B: Would you like to help Granny Li tomorrow?

Unit 67


How long has this factory been open?

My company is about two hours by bus from here.

A: Where does your uncle work?

B: He works in Coca Cola in NY.

Unit 68


He may fail …

He may fail in the interview if he wears

such kind of dresses.

A: Good morning. What’s wrong with you, Miss Lena?

B: I am afraid there’s something wrong with my stomach.

Unit 69


Which of these do you think is the most useful invention?

Don’t you think his fridge is making a strange noise?

A: Why were you shouting?

B: The line was bad. We couldn’t hear each other clearly.

Unit 70


Jim told him to do … every day.

Could you tell me who will be in charge of the task?

A: Well, you know I am going to Paris next week on

B: Yes, you will stay there for a week. Right?

Unit 71


Everybody is here

except …

She asked her seatmate to say Merry Christmas to everyone.

A: Did Jim have a good journey home?

B: Yes. He said he had a very good journey home.

Unit 72


I’m sure he won’t

mind …

He did well in the chemistry experiment today.

A: Oh, you’ve got a letter! Why haven’t you opened it?

B: I’ve only just received it. I don’t even know who it’s

Unit 73


They’re great, but they’re not … enough.

He has made a mistake that I am an old classmate of his.

A: Good morning! What can I do for you?

B: I’d like two sweaters for my daughters.

Unit 74


The chair is made of …

Jim’s jacket is made of silk.

A: Where are these jackets produced?

B: They are produced in France.

A: What are they made of?

Unit 75


When was it built?

The clothes were used for keeping warm.

A: What’s that? It looks strange. It has three legs and a
strange top.

B: It’s an old cup.

Unit 76


It is … meters/ kilometers long/wide/deep/high/tall.

The temperature must be neither too high nor too low.

A: Well, I’ve dug this hole. Hold this stick, while I
knock it in.

Unit 77


It’s great, but it’s not … enough.

The Great Green Wall is thousands of kilometers away.

A: Which radio program do you think is more interesting?

B: Well, I don’t think any of them is very interesting.

Unit 78


What will be the population of …?

What was the population of the more developed countries in

A: What’s the population of Canada? Do you think it will

B: About 39,200,000. I don’t know if it will grow.

Unit 79


The jacket costs so much/little that …

The socks cost so little that we bought several pairs.

A: No! Look at these holes.

B: You’d better buy a new pair.

Unit 80


There’s something wrong with …

She says she’s got a headache and a cough.

A: I’ve got a headache and a cough. I’m feeling terrible

B: How long have you been like this?

A: Since last night.

Unit 81


They played … as well

as they can.

They had kicked two goals and we had kicked four.

A: Was it a good match?

B: Yes, it was a very good match.

Unit 82


He became so angry

that …

We didn’t know whether she was going to speak at the

A: Have you got a pen-friend?

B: No, I haven’t. Why? Have you?

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