Luyện kỹ năng nói tiếng Anh cho người học trình độ trung cấp: Tập 2

Chủ biên: Paul Jolley
Bản dịch tiếng Việt: Lê Huy Lâm, Phạm Văn Thuận
Số trang: 236
Khổ sách: 15×23cm

Giá: 98.000VNĐ
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Mô tả



Unit 39


Why he took Swiss nationality is what I want to know.

Why he chose to leave us remained a question to us until

A: Grandma, when did you meet Grandpa?

B: Why are you so interested in this question?

Unit 40


There was no way in which it could be brought back to the

If you want to change the direction of the satellite, you
can use a rocket motor.

A: Well, wouldn’t you know it?

B: Know what? Aren’t you going to tell me?

Unit 41


There was once a famous detective named Sherlock Holmes.

There was once a famous female enterprise in ancient China
named Wu Zetian.

A: Does your wife work?

B: Yes, she does. She works at home.

Unit 42


It’s a pity we live so far from the sea.

We do not do as much as we are expected to.

A: Oh, what didn’t you like about it?

B: I didn’t like the ending. It confused me.

Unit 43


There is no doubt

that …

The company is likely to enlarge its business scope.

A: I am trying to find a place near the office.

B: Where are you living now?

A: Out in the suburbs. It’s a

long trip to work every day.

Unit 44


She gave three

reasons …

I was so happy that I forgot the time.

A: Excuse me. I would like to ask about taking out a loan.

B: OK. Have a seat, please. Do you have an account here?

Unit 45


I join in the march …

After the year 1986 more and more countries joined in the
Olympic Games.

A: Don’t you want to watch it?

B: Not really. I couldn’t care

less about kung fu movies.

Unit 46


Not only was there no electricity, but also no water.

It’s a bit cloudy, isn’t it? / It’s rainy, isn’t it?

A: I see. We arrive early on the third, and we leave at

p.m., on the fifth.

B: It will be a full schedule, won’t it?

Unit 47


The people performing all play different instruments.

The couple translating the songs are well known in China.

A: Playing jazz? I don’t know. But I don’t like jazz in

B: What about going to dance parapara?

Unit 48


They quickly move the sleeping man out of the prison.

The rising sun is very beautiful in my eyes.

A: Are you going to visit your joint venture in Jinan?

B: Yes, I certainly will.

Unit 49


I called to …

There’s no Lily here. Do you have the wrong number?

A: So can you accompany me to cinema tonight?

B: Oh, it depends on which film you want to see.

A: Red Star in China.

Unit 50


Most of the assistants who are working in that chain store
are young people.

Do you remember when we lacked some water in the journey?

A: Of course, Faye Wong, isn’t she?

B: Yes, it seems that she’s changing her singing style.

Unit 51


I am sure the speeches will be …

I am not sure whether he can get the passport.

A: My blood is boiling.

B: Calm down and tell me what’s wrong.

Unit 52


I shall insist on …

We tried giving her milk to drink, but she did not get

A: Have you thrown up at all?

B: Yes, I have been sick to my stomach and throwing up.

Unit 53


Close the farm gates behind you, otherwise …

The soldiers, having seized the enemy’s guns, were in a
strong position.

A: Martin, can you believe it? I was fired.

B: Oh, I am really sorry to hear that.

Unit 54


We must remember the fact that …

How we can protect the grain from damp needs to be

A: How would you like your hair done today, Lily?

B: I would like it curled. But do you think it needs to be
cut first?

Unit 55


I will ask the company for …

Our plan is to produce an advertisement for a new product.

A: We’ve been lying on the beach for two hours. How do you

B: I am starting to unwind. This is heaven. I want to stay
here forever.

Unit 56


Having finished her studies, she was anxious to …

I found an old pot buried in the sand.

A: It was nice having the extra money we could earn during
that week, too.

B: Picking potatoes isn’t the easiest job in the world,
though. My back aches, just thinking about it.

Unit 57


We must stop people … until it’s firm.

No drawing can be done until the wall is dry.

A: Yes, but sometimes when you feel tired, you will want
to live a peaceful life.

B: That’s true, especially when you fail.

Unit 58


I don’t want to argue about … any more.

We just have a misunderstanding about the plan.

A: I like my job and I am good at it. But it sure grinds
me down sometimes.

B: It’s not wise to overwork. The last thing you need to
take home is a headache.

Unit 59


I hurt … while I was boxing.

Take these two pills three times a day. Then you will get
better soon.

A: What’s your reason for wanting to go to the United

B: I am going to join my husband at the University of

Unit 60


It’s not like her to

have …

It looks as if she was going to quarrel with him.

A; Joey’s a little worried because some of the other kids
have been playing for two years, and they are much better than he is.

B: You should tell him not to worry. There will be other
kids just starting. He will fit right in.

Unit 61


I invited both of them to …

We have made it a rule to help you whenever you need it.

A: OK, can you call me to get up next morning? I will
invite you to dinner if I won’t get up.

B: OK. See you.

Unit 62


To master English helps us a great deal

in …

I have come here to share my happiness with you.

A: Shall we go to the cinema?

B: That is a good idea. But what’s on at the cinema

Unit 63


Thank you all the same.

That would be nice if you paint the wall blue and white.

A: Welcome to the U.S.A. What can I do for you?

B: This suitcase is so heavy. It makes me so tired.

Unit 64


No, I won’t be free then, but I’ll be free

at …

How about Saturday morning? You can be the first.

A: Hello, this is Arthur Anderson Consulting Firm. Can I
help you?

B: This is Johnson Firm. I want to have an appointment
with your manager. Will he be free on Monday afternoon?

Unit 65


I’d like to invite you

to …

I’d love to, but my brother is badly ill. I should look
after him today.

A: Ann, this is Peter. Would you like to go to the cinema
next week?

B: What film will be on next week?

Unit 66


Please excuse me …

That’s nothing. This black shirt is also very good.

A: I am already late for school. Why don’t you call me up?

B: Oh, sorry. I ought to have waken you up, but I forgot.

Unit 67


Go ahead. That’s OK / All right.

Do you mind if I get that flower? I like it very much.

A: Dad, do you mind if I can stay at school for the coming
winter holiday?

B: You’d better not, my dear son. You haven’t come home
for almost a half year. Your mother and I all miss you very much.

Unit 68


Could you give her / him a message?

Hold on, please. She will be here quite soon.

A: Hello, this is Arthur Anderson Consulting Firm. Can I
help you?

B: May I speak to President Wang?

Unit 69


I suggest (that) you …

You need to make up your mind, or you will lose the good

B: Shall we go to the seaside? I think it is very
beautiful in this season.

A: Going to the seaside? It is too hot. And the sun will
burn my skin.

Unit 70


I have (not) decided wh-clause / wh-word


I have not decided whether to choose it or not.

A: What do you think of the taxes in our country?

B: I had already asked the government to raise the taxes
several years ago. And I insist that government raise the tax.

Unit 71


I am not likely to

He may not know the address. I forget whether

I had told him or not.

A: The woman on the top of the building. What is she going
to do.?

B: Er, she may be doing exercise. Look, she is waving

her arms.

Unit 72


You’d better (not) do it.

You can’t light fires near the tents. It is too dangerous.

A: It’s not important. I am really very urgent to go

B: OK. Go ahead. But be careful! It is really dangerous.

Unit 73


She/He/They must have done

He must have done the exam paper by himself. There are
lots of mistakes in his exam paper.

A: And look at that big knife.

It seems that is was made of stone.

B: I guess that the ancient human beings used this stone
knife to cut things and hunt animals.

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