Luyện kỹ năng nói tiếng Anh cho người học trình độ trung cấp: Tập 1

Chủ biên: Paul Jolley
Bản dịch tiếng Việt: Lê Huy Lâm, Phạm Văn Thuận
Số trang: 224
Khổ sách: 15×23cm

Giá: 98.000VNĐ
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Mô tả



Unit 1


Give my love/best wishes/regards to …

Good morning, my name is Jim. Which school were you at
last year?

A: I am fine, too. Lily, did you have a good holiday?

B: Yes, I visited my friend Lin Tao. And we enjoyed
ourselves very much.

Unit 2


Before you leave the lab, make sure …

He filled one of the bottles with some hot water. Another
one is filled with milk.

A: And then wash your hands with soap. You can use the
basin by the side of the cupboard.

B: OK. Shall I leave now?

Unit 3


I am sorry I don’t quite follow you.

Look, they are very different. Do you know how the
difference comes about?

A: What did the differences come about?

B: It is very hard to say.

Unit 4


For miles and miles I could see nothing except …

I hear that you are going to the U.S.. Is that true?

A: The holiday is coming soon. Where are you going for a

B: I am going to Xi’an.

Unit 5


I’ll keep the box in the shade so that …

The police stand there to stop the car moving too close to
each other.

A: Why did you get up so late?

B: I had a lot of homework to do yesterday. So I had to
finish it.

Unit 6


Where will the car factory be …?

Every day a lot of flowers are sent abroad by air.

A: It is a very nice watch. How long have you had it?

B: I bought it last week.

Unit 7


… an even bigger earthquake will …

Were you a little child at the time of the war?

A: I have never seen the snow. Can you tell me what it was

B: Yes, it is very soft and light. It looks like the fur
falling down from the sky.

Unit 8


… It can be grown in places where it is too cold to grow

Lin Tao, have some more soup. It tastes better when

it is hot.

A: Really? Do you have vegetables in the winter?

B: Yes, of course. We have as many vegetables as in the

Unit 9


Mei Ge, did you find out the price for …?

The blue one is better than the red one, although the red
one is more expensive.

A: I want to buy the Philips 2000.

B: It is about 1,000 yuan.

A: That’s quite dear.

Unit 10


The old Olympic Games, from which the modern games came

There will be a sports meeting this week. Will you take
part in the games?

A: Do you often do sports?

B: Yes, I like sports very much.

I like playing basketball, football and badminton. What about you?

Unit 11


The first country singers sang while …

Have you heard of Leon?

He is a very famous actor.

A: Li Lei, where did you spend your childhood?

B: I grew up in the countryside. I lived with my

Unit 12


Many of them are well received, such as …

This book will be of great help to you in English studies.

A: Which TV channel do you like to watch?

B: I enjoy the music channel very much.

A: Why? Do you like music very much?

Unit 13


The owners of the slaves made them …

The world was very surprised at the news that the World
Trade Center building was bombed.

A: Shall we go to the cinema?

B: That is a good idea! But what’s on at the cinema

Unit 14


Well, have you considered …?

I want to improve my spoken English. That’s why I go to
the English Center.

A: Do you enjoy music, Lucy?

B: Yes, I like it very much.

A: Which kind of music do you prefer?

Unit 15


For lunch I had …, for supper I had …

Was the apple ripe or green? It does not look ripe.

A: I suggest you eat less every day. And try to eat some
healthy food.

B: What kinds of food should I have?

Unit 16


In that case, you wouldn’t have … on fire. You’d have
… on fire!

Never mind. But you’d better be more careful next time.

A: What is wrong with the building?

B: Oh, there is a lot of smoke coming out of the windows.
It must catch fire!

A: Yes. Let’s go and see.

Unit 17


There is a very important Chinese deer called …

There is a very delicious food in Guangzhou called
ground-rice rolls.

A: Where are you traveling to?

B: I am planning to go to Changchun.

A: Really? It is very cold there.

Unit 18


Have times been … for you?

It is a piece of very bad news. I don’t know whether I
should tell you.

A: Lily? Oh! I can’t recognize her. She is so charming

B: Yes, she looks very nice in the new dress.

Unit 19


And more … than … are heads of companies.

In my opinion, she is doing the job better than him.

A: Linda, what games do girls play in your school?

B: Every kind of games. They play football, basketball,
baseball and so on.

Unit 20


The next development was to …

It is said/believed that he gets the prize by paying money
to the judges.

A: Which book are you finding?

B: I am finding the book named Gone with the

A: That sounds a good book.

Unit 21


When all his money had gone, Marx had to …

He came in suddenly, with a knife in hand.

A: Li Lei, how is your learning in drawing?

B: It is interesting, but sometimes I find it very

A: Why do you say so? In what way?

Unit 22


Scotland has many lakes and mountains, and is famous for

The people who live in this area are very poor. They live
mainly on sweet potatoes.

A: Hello, where are you from?

B: I am from Hong Kong.

A: Do you have a map to show me where it is?

Unit 23


Then we can see Aswan without …

Today the film is for free. We can go in and see it
without buying a ticket.

A: Oh, look at the tools!

B: They are very old, which are made of stone.

A: What about those?

Unit 24


I think I will sow the … seeds tomorrow.

He is a student of business. He does very well in his

A: What are you planning to plant this season?

B: Well, it is the season for potatoes now. I think I will
plant some potatoes. What about you?

Unit 25


… reply to the invitation, accepting it.

I am sorry. But your voice is too low. Could you please
make yourself heard?

A: Jim, have you found the information we need?

B: I have found some by internet. But we still need

Unit 26


His greatest success has not been in … but in …

After graduating from college, he worked in a pressing
house as an editor for five years.

A: I am sorry, Jim. But would you mind turning down your
music a little, please?

B: I am sorry. I will turn it down. Is that OK now?

Unit 27


I considered that the park was good value for the money.

Can you tell me the way to Bear Country? Yes, go straight
ahead until you see the entrance to Bear Country.

A: Excuse me. Where is the Sleeping Beauty Castle?

B: It is in the center of Disneyland, near the Tomorrow
Land Building.

Unit 28


What do you think is the greatest danger of smoking?

What is the problem with tobacco? The problem with tobacco
is that it contains a drug called nicotine.

A: Do you know any people who smoke?

B: Yes, my uncle often smokes.

A: Does he know that smoking is very dangerous?

Unit 29


Waving one’s hand is to say “Goodbye”.

Would you like something to drink? Yes, orange juice,

A: I see. I suggest you should use some body language.

B: Body language? What do you mean by it?

Unit 30


I like reading …

Learning new words is very useful to me.

A: I want to have a look at what’s on today.

B: Is there anything good on the newspaper today?

Unit 31


Chaplin acted in 82 films, many of

which …

What do you do in the theater? I am a director and I
direct films in the theater.

A: What are you doing at present?

B: I am giving performances throughout the country.

Unit 32


To … is one thing;

to … is another thing.

What do you like to collect? I like to collect foreign

A: How do you find learning English?

B: It is quite difficult for me to learn English.
Sometimes, I even don’t know how to use English.

Unit 33


Some people … remain in the northern settlements.

Can you give me some examples? Sure. For example, …

A: Where are you from?

B: I am from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Unit 34


We had to … / We did not have to … / She will (not)
have to …

You shouldn’t put any oil on the skin if it is burned.

A: Well, how can I start her / his breathing?

B: Using the mouth-to-mouth way.

Unit 35


One quarter of the shores of the Mediterranean are …

One quarter of the shores of the Mediterranean are
polluted, because of the waste which was thrown in the water.

A: Would you like to join us in the discussion about

B: Yes, I’d love to.

A: Is it right to throw nuclear waste in the sea?

Unit 36


It looks as if … / Does it look …?

It looks as if it hasn’t been washed following the

A: The business is not good this morning.

B: Maybe it’s because of the heavy rain. People don’t feel
like going shopping in the rain.

Unit 37


At the center of the city they are having … done.

I had my tap repaired. / She had her house damaged in the

A: I found the world outside of my house completely

B: So did I. I had my house damaged in the storm.

Unit 38


We are going to have / get … done. / They are going to
get … done.

I must go on with her research. / I must not make the same
mistakes again and again.

A: Why are you so busy?

B: I am preparing the talk. I have to give a talk in the
class tomorrow.

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