My First TOEIC Class – Starter Plus

Tác giả: Yuki Wen, Chloe Chang
Số trang: 252
Khổ sách: 19 x 26cm

Giá: 268.000VNĐ
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Mô tả

It is common that a learner of English sometimes does not respond accurately or timely during a conversation, despite a long exposure in their studies or even an English speaking environment. From an academic perspective, this problem stems from how the learner has learned the language, probably in a receptive rather than a productive way. That is to say, the learner often takes in the language they are given to. However,
seldom do they take the chance to actively produce it, in the form of writing or speaking. Without such practice, it is naturally challenging for a learner to turn the knowledge they receive to something they actually acquire.

Taking that issue into account, My First TOEIC Class offers learners an activity based course where they are provided with practice exercises to use English in everyday life events. It can be about giving a comment on Facebook or role-playing a real situation applying the grammar and vocabulary provided in each unit. Such interactive activities facilitate learners to readily engage in similar conversations in real life. In addition, the
vocabulary and grammar points introduced in the book are carefully selected to ensure that learners can effectively use them in their studies as well as their life.

Try My First TOEIC Class with the support of your teacher and you will find speaking or writing English is not as difficult as you have assumed.

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