New Way Ahead

Tác giả: Nicholas Sampson
Số trang: 236
Khổ sách: 21×28cm

Giá: 320.000VNĐ
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Danh mục: , Mã: 9786045846780 Từ khóa:

Mô tả

New Way Ahead is a completely updated listening and speaking course. Aimed at intermediate students who wish to improve their fluency, the wide-ranging activities are designed to consolidate and expand students’ ability to participate in everyday conversations.

The course includes

  • integrated and comprehensive development of speaking and listening skills
  • emphasis on gaining useful lexical and grammatical knowledge and skills in a meaningful context
  • lively, authentic dialogs and situations employing essential words and expressions
  • intonation and pronunciation activities
  • step-by-step approach to reviewing and consolidation
  • explanations, collocations and idioms with examples in Usage Clinic section
  • MP3 audio tracks spoken in clear English with natural everyday intonation

New Way Ahead has been specially designed to be used as a course on its own, or as a subsequent course to New Move Ahead.

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