Pass the Cambridge First Certificate in English

Tác giả: Jonah Wilson
Số trang: 296
Khổ sách: 21×27,6cm

Giá: 328.000VNĐ
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Mô tả

Are you expecting to gain the highest score on your FCE®? This well-designed book will enable you to not only achieve your goal but also develop your four skills of English.

For your success in the Cambridge First Certificate in English®

  • Over 1500 exercises and multiple-choice questions on grammar and vocabulary for practice and enhancing your confidence
  • Four sections focussing on the content of the FCE®: Reading and Use of English, Listening, Writing and Speaking
  • Helpful advice for your success in various types of tests
  • An effective approach to increasing levels of difficulty to improve your test-doing performance
  • Tips and strategies to help you complete the test in a limited time
  • Several Mini tests and two complete Model tests
  • Essential vocabulary of more than 500 words and expressions
  • Answer key to all the exercises and tests

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