Pass the TOEIC Test – Intermediate Course (new edition)

Tác giả: Miles Craven
Số trang: 416
Khổ sách: 21 x 27,5cm

Giá: 328.000VNĐ

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Mô tả

Pass the TOEIC Test – New edition is a thoroughly comprehensive, authentic, and up-to-date preparation course for the TOEIC test. Ideal for self-study or class use, the course builds confidence and boosts test scores for students on the Listening and Reading sections of the TOEIC test.

Key features

  • over 1,500 high-quality practice items
  • clear, step-by-step skills development
  • effective test-taking strategies
  • preview tests and full-length review tests for each part
  • regular Mini Tests assess performance at every stage
  • full-length Listening Comprehension Test and Reading Test
  • Grammar and Vocabulary sections focus on language use
  • two complete Practice Tests for reliable assessment


  • complete Audio Program
  • detailed Answer Key and full Audioscript
  • Essential Vocabulary with over 500 key words and phrases
  • useful accent recognition exercises
  • website support with free activities for students and teachers
  • unique access code giving two free online Practice Tests

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