Specialized English for Tourism

Tác giả: Kiwi Cheng, Owain Mckimm
Số trang: 236
Khổ sách: 19×26cm

Giá: 320.000VNĐ
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Mô tả

As an essential language guide to travel and tourism, Specialized English for Tourism covers a wide range of travel-related topics, from booking airline tickets and maneuver-ing through airport procedures, to planning personalized itineraries and dealing with common travel concerns.

By detailing various travel situations, this guide provides readers with practical dialogues, key expressions, helpful vocabulary, and useful practice exercises. Filled with colorful illustrations, the book also offers a fun, interactive learning experience.

Whether you are a backpacker, a student majoring in tourism, or a professional embark-ing on a business trip, Specialized English for Tourism holds the golden ticket to a safe and pleasant trip. So sit back, and enjoy the ride!

★ Key Features

  1. Key Terms
  2. Practical Dialogues
  3. In-Depth Readings
  4. Useful Expressions
  5. Practice Exercises
  6. Colorful Illustrations
  7. Audio Material Recorded by Native English Speakers

★ Contents

PART 1  Before the Trip
1  Planning Your Trip
2  Confirming Your Flight

PART 2  At the Airport
3  Departure Procedures
4  Boarding the Plane

PART 3  Being Onboard
5  Before Takeoff
6  During the Flight
7  Before Landing

PART 4  Arrival
8  Going Through Immigration
9  Airport Services

PART 5  Accommodation
10  Checking In
11  Using Hotel Services and Facilities
12  Checking Out

PART 6  Transportation
13  Taking a Taxi
14  Taking the Bus
15  Taking the Train or the Subway
16  Renting a Car

PART 7  Restaurants
17  Making Restaurant Reservations
18  Ordering a Meal
19  Problems and Requests While Dining
20  Paying the Bill
21  Eating at a Fast-Food Restaurant

PART 8  Shopping
22  Clothes and Shoes
23  Jewelry and Accessories
24  Cosmetics
25  Electrical Appliances

PART 9  Entertainment
26  Sightseeing
27  Cultural Events
28  Amusement Parks
29  Attending a Sporting Event
30  Casinos and Nightclubs

PART 10  Communication
31  Making a Phone Call
32  At the Post Office

PART 11  Problem Solving
33  Medical Problems
34  Lost or Stolen Property

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