Succeed in IELTS General

Tác giả: Andrew Betsis, Linda Maria Windsor
Số trang: 192
Khổ sách: 21×29,5cm

Giá: 258.000VNĐ
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Danh mục: , Mã: 9786045840603 Từ khóa:

Mô tả

This book includes 8 Reading & Writing4 Listening & Speaking Tests

Special features:

  • IELTS General Exam Guide analysing all the sections of the exam
  • Useful tips for all sections
  • Audioscripts and Answer Key
  • Writing Supplement including model compositions and example candidate answers at varying levels, followed by detailed justifications of the marks awarded.
  • Justification of the answers for the listening (the answers are underlined in the audioscript) and the reading sections of each practice test.

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