Succeed in IELTS: Speaking & Vocabulary

Tác giả: Andrew Betsis, Sula Delafuente, Sean Haughton
Số trang: 144
Khổ sách: 21×30cm

Giá: 178.000VNĐ
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Danh mục: , Mã: 9786045812730 Từ khóa:

Mô tả

  • All the common IELTS topics are covered
  • It includes an IELTS Speaking exam guide analysing the IELTS Speaking section part by part.
  • It consists of 10 Units in which all the different IELTS Speaking parts are dealt with. The theme of the units are the same with the ones of the Succeed in IELTS Reading & Vocabulary book.
  • Each units includes a complete IELTS Speaking section

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