The Sound of English

Tác giả: Joseph Hudson
Số trang: 144
Khổ sách: 18×25,5cm

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A Practical Course in British English Pronunciation

“All the tricks you need to sound like a native speaker.”

Javier Fernandez Pena

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Mô tả

Containing 9 chapters with full audio, this course covers:

  • 19 Vowel Sounds
  • 25 Consonant Sounds
  • IPA (Phonetic Alphabet)
  • Rhythm & Stress
  • Intonation
  • Spelling & Sound
  • Connected Speech
  • Silent Letters
  • A Neutral (RP) English Accent Model

Providing over a hundred exercises and repetition drills, this course takes the student step by step to clear pronunciation.

Joseph Hudson is the founding teacher and director of the Pronunciation Studio speech school in London. Since 2007, the school has taught pronunciation and accent to over 10,000 students from every corner of the globe, pioneering a practical ESL approach to English speech training.

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