TNT TOEIC Intensive (Third edition – 2019)

Tác giả: Lori
Số trang: 248
Khổ sách: 18,8 x 25,7cm

Giá: 298.000VNĐ
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Mô tả

This book aims at providing a practical preparation course for TOEIC learners whose entry score is around 500 to reach a target score of 700 and above. If this is your first attempt at the test or your current score is around 400, TNT TOEIC Basic Course is recommended for you instead.

Although the TOEIC test has certain specific question types that learners can effectively get trained to cope with in order to achieve their target scores, several TOEIC 700 course books currently on the market have turned out to discourage or confuse learners with numerous learning points in their content rather than highlighting only essential areas for the test.

On the contrary, based on hands-on teaching experiences of its author, this book places a strong focus on only key points, in terms of grammar, words and expressions, and techniques which are commonly required in each part of the test. These key points will help learners quickly understand test questions and spot correct choices when taking the real test.

Built intensively for a target score of 700, the book is hoped to serve a good aid in the conquest of the new TOEIC test. What learners should also pay attention to during their preparation is that language skills are improved through continuous practice and efficient training and that understanding question types and how to cope with them is the key to success, not memorizing the answers.

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